While we are all home adhering to the rules of social distancing so that we can end this terrible virus- we are happy to offer you opportunities for Hebrew School.

For Aleph champ website click HERE ACHomework.com 
Use password  alephchamp

For CKIDS international Virtual Hebrew School Click HERE kids.net/hslive

For DJCC COVID19 Updates and links to virtual classes services and more click HERE

Sunday Morning April 26, ZOOM Sessions at 10:00am for Sunday and Tuesday
see below for classes and zoom ID and passwords
Please have your bags ready for the class with a pen, pencil and or markers and crayons
Please follow the instructions inside and ensure that your child is ready with all their materials in front of them at 10am on Sunday.

In addition to your activity bag,
you will need:
A pen or pencil
Glue or glue stick
Your choice of crayons, markers and/or colored pencils
and paint if you prefer
Pick up your bags from the school until 5pm today, Friday, or Sunday at 9am
Each bag is labeled per child with specific items for each individual.
 Morah Natalie
 Zoom ID: 692-180-3085
Password: DJCC
Barth, Ariel
Ben Horin, Jacob
Bennett, Grayson
Cohen, Daniel
Feiss, Yonah
Kaplan, Moshe
Maman, Avi
Myers, Paxton
Odze, Zach
Shmucher, Eli
Shmucher, Yael
Collins, Romy
Rubin, Maren
Schooler, Robby
Stratford, Hayden
Strauss, Leah
Tuesday Class
Harper Aurbach
Simon Heber
Liev Heber
Natania Kaplan
Morah Meyrav
Zoom ID: 999-446-4499
Password: DJCC
Braverman, Judah
Bruck, Lilah
Davis, Logan
Gans, Emily
Gans, Jackson
Harris, Brielle
Hoffman, Bodhi
Katz, Cameron
Militzok, Adam
Spector, Jacob

Morah Margalit 

Zoom ID: 485-912-2092
Password: DJCC
Dobin, Mavan
Freeman, Emmett
Myers, Skylar
Peretz, Noa
Rajter, Michael
Rubin, Meyer
Schooler, Sammy
Strauss, Jordan
Morah Choomie
Zoom ID: 485-912-2092
Password: DJCC
Dobin, Aera
Feiss, Jolie
Gaines, Justin
Jaffa, Liam
Kaplan, Sarah Tova
Katz, Brandon
Myers, Brayden
Rubin, Milo
Shelomith, Landon
Spector, Samantha
Wetstein, Luke
Morah Rivka
Zoom ID: 281-566-6497
Password: DJCC
Chriqui, Aliyah
Clark, Truman
Dobin, Asher
Feiss, Shushan
Freeman, Liam
Hoffman, Saffi
Jaffa, Preston
Militzok, Haley
Mostert, Zadok
Mukamal, Zane
Peretz, Eitan
Peretz, Guy
Poisik, Elijah
Shelomith, Sophie
Teen Club-
Merave Zoom ID: On the Teen Group WhatsApp
Amasay, Leeraz
Braverman, Kohl
Chriqui, Maya
Dobin, Merrick
Ekstrom, Marcus
Heumann, Carol
Kaplan, Raizel
Kassoff, Addison
Kronrad, Jordyn
Mukamal, Davi
Odze, Sophie
Rajter, Gabi