Shabbat Services @ Bet Ovadia

Downtown Jewish Center Chabad – Bet Ovadia
Shabbat Services
900 E Broward Blvd Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
Guidelines for attending Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In accordance with the recommendations of the CDC, we have implemented the following new guidelines and rules at Downtown Jewish Center Chabad.

  • Screening and modified Entry: We reserve the right to dismiss anyone from our premises if guidelines are not observed.
  • We recommend that high risk, immune-compromised individuals not come to Shul
  • We recommend that elderly individuals not come to Shul
  • If you are feeling any symptoms of common cold, cough, fever, virus, flu, nausea or any of the COVID-19 associated symptoms STAY HOME and do not attend services
  • We request for those wishing to attend to reserve below
  • We reserve the right to question you and your family in regards to your health and wellness and take your temperature if necessary.
  • Social distancing observed – once you choose your spot in the Shul please remain there for the duration of the service and avoid socializing closer than 6 feet
  • We recommend masks to be worn for the duration of the service
  • Hand sanitizing or handwashing will be expected before entering the premises.
  • We have been continuously cleaning and disinfecting the Shul while we have been out.
  • We will continue to implement a higher standard of sanitizing and cleaning of the Shul premises going forward
  • A prayer book and Bible will be placed on each seat.
  • No food will be served,
  • Do not bring food or items from home
  • Updated times;  these are the current times we will be open,  new dates and times will be added weekly. stay tuned
    Friday, May 29: Morning services ONLY at 10:00 am-11:00 am at DJCC
    11:00 am Ten commandments on the lawn of 912 E Broward blvd 
    Shabbat, May 30: Morning services ONLY at 10:00 am at DJCC
    Services will start promptly at 10:00am
  • We reserve the right to update and or change the guidelines per CDC recommendations or for our own safety precautions.
    If you are uncomfortable with these precautions in place, please stay at home. These precautions are in place to provide every effort to keep you and your family safe; however, this does not provide any guarantee of any kind. As an adult, you assume all risks associated with attending. That being said we are doing everything we can in our power to keep you safe. Working together during this time is important. 
  • please see our waiver here