COVID 19 Update

 Though we may not be together physically, we continue to service the community with:
  1. Continuing our adult and youth education with innovative ways using technology and the world wide web to our advantage.
  2. Giving emotional and spiritual support to you and your families and beyond!
  3. Assisting financially with families who are suffering from the financial crisis.
  4. Being the beacon of light and positivity in these times of uncertainty!
  5. Picking up prescriptions or food deliveries for the elderly
  6. Distributing a ‘Keeping Shabbat kit’ available for pick up at DJEC 1012 E Broward blvd. on Friday from 11am-2:30pm
Weekly Schedule
Preschool and Hebrew School is on Passover Break until April 19th

Saturday night Havdalah LIVE On FACEBOOK around 8:40 tune into Devorah Kaplan FACEBOOK PAGE

8:30am ZOOM Torah class with Rabbi Kaplan ID 9212662465
12:00pm ZOOM Lunch n learn with Rabbi Kaplan ID 9212662465
8pm ZOOM class with Devorah

We are committed to paying our staff during this crisis.
We would like to thank our donors so far :

Mr. Michael and Amanda Dobin
Mr. and Mrs Gary Marks
Mr. Bob  & Jacquie Brauser
Gary & Barbara Bailin
Stephen & Marsha Zimberg
Spencer Greenfedder
RODO Noson Hecht
Mr. and Mrs Pancer
Ms. Edith Deane
Mr. and Mrs. Steinbaum
Dr. Jeff & Ronnie Dennis
Julie & Richie Gerber
Mr & Mrs Barbara Levy
Zach and Sydney Kirstein
Kenneth Fisher & Elizabeth Lender
Mr. and Mrs. Neymotin
Jordana and Nathan Heber
Pilar and Danny Gola
Steve Fleishman
David Shapiro
Dr. Murray & Lila Zedek
If anyone else would like to show their support please join their mitzvah
Click Here for All your Passover needs
Passover will NOT be passed over! CLICK HERE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS
Check your snail mail for a 5780 Passover guide!
We will be distributing Shmurah matzah as we do each year – come pick up at the school!
packed in the utmost safe germ free environment .