DJCC is proud to present 2 awesome Pray n Play Programs for your children!
1.Shabbat Pray n Play
2.Holiday Pray n Play

Supervised activities for your children during prayer services.
Includes snacks, storytime, playtime, and prayer time.
Boys and Girls Ages 2-12
Registration for High Holiday Pray n play required
Registration for Shabbat Pray n Play highly suggested!!
Please consider the suggested Donation

Shabbat Pray n Play is from 11:00am-12:30pm
Location- Shabbat house right next door to DJCC 900 E Broward Blvd
Holiday Pray n Play –
Follow the High Holiday schedule and signs at the Broward Center indicating the rooms for pray n play

Parents must remain at services while children are at Pray n Play. Parents may not leave the premises.
For young children be sure to bring any necessary items such as pacifiers and diapers.
Please notify the staff of any special concerns or needs and allergies.

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