Mission Statement:
At Hebrew for Kids we are proud of our refreshing approach to Jewish Education!
Our mission is to provide and promote the highest quality Hebrew and Judaic education to a diverse community of Jewish children. Our aim is to nurture and build the
foundation of your child’s Jewish identity, through our interdisciplinary educational approach. The focus of our dedicated teachers is to inspire a twofold love; a love for
learning and a love for Judaism. A well-balanced Hebrew School education will develop in our students a commitment to using Jewish values as a guide to the decisions of life,
community and family.

The Downtown Hebrew for Kids environment is one of openness; welcoming families from all backgrounds. We acknowledge and respect the diversity of our children; while
emphasizing Jewish values of family, community, caring, joy, tradition and rituals. Through comprehensive learning, holiday celebrations, and community events, our children
gain pride in the richness of their Jewish heritage, culture and history as one united Jewish Nation! We value each and every family that joins us!