from the mouths of hebrew of kids parents (1)

“Thank you all  for such an amazing job!!! Our children thrive and we are so fortunate to have you in our lives ❤️”
Monika Feiss

He had a phenomenal year at Hebrew school. He looked forward to going every Sunday and we’re very pleased with the progress he has made. We will practice writing and reading the Aleph Bet over the summer and look forward to continuing on this path next year.”
-Margharita Benayoun

“I have to tell you both seders, leaders wound up closing prayer books bc Saffi went on each night for 20-30 min explaining the holiday in extraordinary detail. She left everyone mind blown!
– Jill Hoffman

“Hi! Thanks for touching base. Haley LOVES it!!! We are so happy:) thanks for all you do to inspire the kids”
– Elana Militzok

“He loves coming to Hebrew School and is so excited about Aleph Champs!” 
– Aida Mostert

“I love these pictures. Im so proud of Emmi and love how much she enjoys Hebrew for Kids at DJCC.”
– Lorri Cohn

“When I picked him up, sounded like he had the best day ever!!!”
– Barbra Shaffer

“We love being part of this school and appreciate all you do. So much fun and so much love!
We are so grateful for your amazing team”
– Tara & Dave Rubin

“What a beautiful graduation ceremony! Daniel was so excited to get his trophy!”
– Sivan Setton