Rabbi Schneur & Devorah Kaplan emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, founded the Downtown Jewish Center Chabad in 2003.

Our philosophy, way of life, mission, inclusive approach in serving g-d and reaching out to our fellow Jew and all of mankind, is based on the teaching of the worldwide spiritual leader Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson ob”m.

Rabbi Schneershon inspired us to reach out to all Jews with unconditional love and to provide an opportunity for meaningful, life enhancing spiritual experiences; through innovative programing, learning and prayer,  all in a non judgmental accepting environment.  The Rebbe also taught us that in our role as a light unto the nations, we must work together with people of good will of all faiths, to make the world a better place by promoting acts of goodness and kindness.

Our center located at 900 E Broward Blvd. serves as a meeting place for social, religious, educational, cultural, and family events. Where young and old regardless of their background, level of observance or affiliation, can enhance their awareness of the Jewish faith and its traditions.

The DJC Chabad is based on the ideology of Chabad Lubavitch, which emphasizes the enriching of our daily life experience with a comprehensive religious life system, based on intellect leading to action . This way of life is embodied in the Hebrew acronym ChaBaD, standing for wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  Chabad encompasses the precept of combining the love of G-d and the love of mankind, and to actualize that love with Actions and expressions of loving kindness. The DJC Chabad helps to develop the spiritual inner-self of the person. Manifesting the concept that Jewishness or Judaism is not merely a weekend religion, but a way of life.

We take pride in creating an ambiance of love and acceptance by teaching  tolerance and awareness of G-dliness to all.

Our communal services in which all of the congregates participate, takes on  a joyous spirituality, expressing connectedness through song, personal expression  and meditation in prayer.

In addition, our multivaried educational classes and study sessions have become a hallmark of our community.

We are genuinely overwhelmed by the tremendous response of the community in embracing our vision and for acting as our partners in seeing it to its fruition.  We could not have come this far without the concrete commitment of the members of this community and  their willingness to be a part of this great endeavor.

The success of the Jewish center is merely a sum total of this communities collective efforts.

Rabbi Schneur & Devorah Kaplan