Our Facilities

 DJCC – Downtown Jewish Center Chabad – Bet Ovadia Levy
The Steen Family Downtown Jewish Children’s Educational Center




Founders – Ovadia & Leah Levy & Family 

In Loving memory of Ovadia Levy ob”m
Builder of Jerusalem who broke the enemy and liberated the Western Wall Plaza in 1967
Father, Grandfather, Friend, Leader and Mentor, whose many attainments will accompany him forever.
He knew how to give to others without limit, never asking anything for himself.
His life was not long, but his accomplishments will live to eternity.



Ark Dedication – Ken Fisher – In honor of his Grandparents Eva Ostrager & Abraham Fisher
Parochet Dedication – Simon & Rachel Levy – In honor of Ovadia Levy ob’m
Western Wall Dedication – Irwin G Beutel – In honor of Rabbi Schneur & Devorah Kaplan
Bimah Dedication – Olefson Family
Rabbi’s Lectern – Peter & Ellen Itzler
Cantors Lectern – Rabbi Levi & Elkah Kaplan
Jerusalem Sky – Tom & Katia Bates
Rabbi’s Office – Bill & Lys Rubin – In honor of Rabbi Schneur Kaplan
Library – Irwin G Beutel

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Downtown Jewish Center Chabad Bet Ovadia Levy
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