To register as an IDF Connect Friend,  scroll down and fill out your information, and pay the $180.
All $180 goes to your soldier. Your donation helps support the Israeli economy while thanking and supporting an IDF soldier.

About & Guidelines:
How to “connect” with your IDF soldier:
Once we have received your information and payment, we will contact you with the information to connect with your Soldier.
They will have already received your gift of $180 and your contact information, so they are aware that you will be reaching out.
Be respectful of their preferred time to connect.
Only use their preferred connection preference such as WhatsApp or email.
Keep the conversations appropriate, respectful, and mindful of their time.
Conversations should be supportive and encouraging.
Do not inquire regarding delicate information about their duties & experiences.
They will share what they are comfortable with.
You may send them additional gifts if you choose.
You may NOT share their information with ANYONE.
Remember part of your commitment is to pray for them – click here for Prayers.
Be sure to say their name and their mother’s name when reciting the prayer.
You may also consider doing a mitzvah for their merit, such as lighting shabbos candles, giving tsedakah, putting teffilin etc.
If your contact card does not have a photo of yourself it is a good idea for you to share a picture so that hey can make a visual and more personal connection.
May Hashem bless you and your family and all of the IDF soldiers and the whole of Am Yisroel!


By registering you agree to adhere to the IDF Connect Friend Guidelines: