Hebrew Reading and language

At Hebrew for Kids, we strive to provide the highest standard of Hebrew
language study in the limited amount of time. In all classes, children immerse in
the Hebrew language.
Our focus is to impart relevant Hebrew language  integrated with Jewish studies.
This allows the children to practically apply the language into appropriate areas of their

Aleph Champion Hebrew Reading allows each individual child to advance in reading at their own pace and become proficient Hebrew readers. Aleph Champ is based on the
Karate motivational system and integrates color based levels for Hebrew reading. Students start out on the white champ level with a white champ book and white flash
cards and a burning desire to pass to the next level. Age appropriate, creative and motivational methods are used.

Aleph Champion Levels:
Level 1- White Aleph Champ: First 19 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet
Pre-reading skills; involving proficiency in the names and sounds of the Aleph-Bet.
Level 2 – Red Aleph Champ: Next 13 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.
Level 3 – Orange Aleph Champ; The first 3 vowels of the Hebrew Reading System:
Kamatz, Patach, Tzeirei
Level 4-Yellow Aleph Champ; The next 3 vowels…Segol, Shva, Cholam
Level 5 – Green Aleph Champ; The last 3 vowels: Chirik, Koobootz, Shoorook
Level 6 – Blue Aleph Champ; Exceptions to the Rule: Patach Chet, Double
shva, (middle & end of words) Yud vav, Patach yud…
Level 7 – Purple Aleph Champ: 60 wpm (words per minute) Prayers
Level 8 – Brown Aleph Champ 70wpm, Prayers from everyday & Shabbat prayers
Level 9 – Grey Belt! Proficiency
Level 10- Black Belt! Can Read like the Cantor


Jewish Studies
Our unique Jewish studies curriculum combines seven carefully chosen themes. This is in addition to all the Jewish Holidays, covered two lessons prior to every festival.

Level 1 My Magical Mitzvot
Jewish Ethics and Values in Order of the Aleph-Bet
Ahavat Yisrael/Love thy Neighbour; Bikkur Cholim/Visiting the Sick; Gemilut Chasadim/Acts of
Kindness; Derech Eretz/Respect; Hachnasat Orchim/Inviting Guests; Vatranut/Patience;
Zrizut/swiftness; Challah; Netilat Yadayim/Washing Hands; Kibud Av V’Em/Honor your Father
and Mother; Lashon Tov & Lashon Hara/Talebearing; Seder V’Nikayon/Order and Cleanliness;
Mezuzah; Tzedakah/Charity; Emet & Sheker/Honesty; Talmud-Torah/Torah Study.
Level 2 Beginnings – Bible Stories of Bereshit
Genesis- Stories of the 1st Book of the Torah.
Famous Jewish heroes and characters; timeline of events; storyline; lessons, morals and messages
for our lives today. Topics include: Creation; Noach and the Flood; Dor Haflaga/Generation of
Confusion; our Patriarchs and Matriarchs; Joseph & the 12 Tribes.
Level 3 Torah Travels
Shemot-.Devarim Stories of 4 Books of the Torah
Famous Jewish heroes and characters; timeline of events; storyline; lessons, morals and messages
for our lives today. Topics include: Moses and the Israelites in Egypt; Exodus; Mt Sinai- The
Giving of the Torah; Jews Travels in the Dessert.
Level 4 WikiTorah
Fundamental Mitzvot and Foundations of Jewish Faith.
Topics include: Gam Zu LeTova/Everything is for the best; Torah study; Jewish Birthdays;
Kashrut/Kosher; Anava/humility; Shabbat; Blessings; Hashgacha Pratit/Divine Providence;
Level 5 In their Shoes
Jewish History from Joshua to the Second Temple Era
Events covered: Judges; Samson the Great; Deborah the prophetess; Kings Saul, David &
Solomon; Elijah the prophet; Temple I; Babylonian Exile; Purim; Oral/written Law
Level 6 Stepping Forward
Jewish History from the Second Temple Era until Today
Events covered: The second Temple era; Ezra and Nechemia; the Chashmonaim; Chanukah;
Christianity; the Middle Ages; Spanish Inquisition; European Jewry; Great Jewish Scholars;
Holocaust; Modern Israel
Level 7 Kids in Action/ Lifecycles
The Torahs’ Perspective on Lifecycle Events.
Participate in the real thing, and learn it, live it, love it!
Topics include; Birth and the Neshamah/soul; Brit; Bar/Bat Mitzvah; Adolescence-think the
Jewish way; Jewish Wedding; Mourning; Death; Techiyat Hamaitim/After life; Moshiach and the
Level 8 Hebrew High –
The power of youth: Transforming the teen years into a time of purpose and self-discovery.

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