Please fill out the form below:

  1. I/ we agree to pay according to the selection indicated on my registration form.
  2. If choosing a monthly payment option, I (we) understand that I/we will make 10 payments or the amount necessary to complete the full yearly tuition. First payment is due on August 1, of the school year. The last payment is due on May 1, of the school year.
  3. If sufficient funds are not available or if the account has been closed, my/our account will be charged $25 for each transaction that could not be processed.
  4. I/We agree that my/our child(ren) will not be allowed to attend classes unless tuition is kept current.
  5. I/We understand that my/our child(ren) will be unable to attend DJP unless and until the state-required good health and immunization certification is received from a physician.
  6. I/We understand that my/our child(ren) are enrolled for the entire year. The school cannot issue refunds or credits for illness, holidays, or family vacations.
  7. In the event that the school is closed due to or resulting from a weather emergency or other unforeseen circumstance, there will be no make-up days, refunds, or credits for days that school is not in session.
  8. In the event of early withdrawal, I understand that I am responsible for a pro-rated amount of the tuition, plus 30% of the annual tuition, not to exceed the total tuition amount for the year.
  9. The registration and security fees are non-refundable.