Jordana Faine- Siadman MSPT is Florida Licensed Physical Therapist, who loves caring for her patients and guiding Families.  She has always enjoyed sports and fitness ( alright, she is a bit of tomboy) and founded Fitness Made Fun Inc. to help others find the “fun” in Fitness.

 Jordana’s unique approach to treatment has gained her many fans. She is not only a licensed physical therapist with a master’s degree, a licensed swim instructor with certification in special needs, has training in hippo-therapy (horse therapy), training as a C.H.E.K holistic lifestyle coach, a wellness educator and juice plus wellness coach. In her work with patients and families she combines all of these skill-sets to offer a unique, holistic, approach to treatment that goes beyond traditional therapy.


 She inherited her care-taker genes from her parents, both of whom are also in the medical field. Her curiosity about science and the mechanics of the human body started at an early age. Her younger cousin was born with a birth defect known as spinal bifida. Jordana watched as her cousin recovered from multiple surgeries and relearned to walk after each procedure. 

 After High school, Jordana was accepted into the accelerated five  year masters program at the Boston University  She graduated with a  degree in health sciences and masters of science of physical therapy. She also expanded her studies with an internship at a north Middlesex Hospital, in northern London.

In addition to her dedication to her profession, Jordana is proud wife and mom of two girls. She can also be found giving her time to community awareness and charitable causes, such as 100 mile charity bike ride for cancer or wine fundraising happy hour.


The best compliment a patient can give me, is a referral of a friend or family member.