Enrichment Programs

Our enrichment programs have been carefully chosen to enhance the development and experience of our children.
They run between 30 – 40 minutes each led by a specialist in their field

Music Together – This nationally acclaimed music program is led by our very own Miss. Sue. She leads the children in song, movement, and body rhythm exploration. We learn the use of different instruments and delight in the energetic music environment.

Soccer – The professionals from Super Soccer Stars reinforce the wonderful gross motor development and assists the children in learning balance, kicking skills, team building, and good sportsmanship

Yoga- Deep breathing, relaxation, stretching and body/ spatial awareness are only a few of the amazing benefits that yoga contributes to the growth and development of our children. 

Martial Arts-  Martial Arts instruction led by Coach Ferrer is geared for children ages 2-5. Inspiring in the children the tremendous benefits of mindfulness, motivation, determination, and self-regulation of mind-body, and soul!

Gardening – Digging in the garden, planting seeds, picking weeds, watering our plants is a favorite activity! Learning to work with nature to create luscious and beautiful plants is an integral part of our learning program.

Baking – Measuring, pouring, mixing is a wonderful group activity that helps us collaborate to bake tasty treats to share for snack.