Congregation Bet Ovadia Levy : Dedicated by Ovadia Levy and Family

Rabbi Study: dedicated by Bill and Lys Rubin
Powder room1: Mr & Mrs Adler
Powder room2: Womens Connection fundraiser
Ark: dedicated by Ken Fisher
Rabbi Lecturn: Dedicated by Levi and Elka Kaplan
Chazan Lecturn: Dedicated by Peter and Ellen Itzler
Bima: Dedicated by the Olefson Family
Parochet: Dedicated By Simon and Rachel Levy
Library: Dedicated By Irwin G Beutel
Western Wall: Dedicated By Irwin G Beutel
Eternal light:  Dedicated in Memory of Dr. Moshe Stav by Jodi Stav and family

Available Dedications:

Mechitzahs $18,000
Window treatment $10,000

Donors Wall Plaques:
Large  $36,000 and up
Medium $5,000- $18,000
Small $1,800- $5,000

Memorial Board:
Click here to memorialize your loved forever with a bronze plaque on our memorial board

Tree of Life:
Click here to purchase a beautiful bronze leaf on our tree of life

Prayer Book:
Donate a prayer book in honor or memory of a person/ occasion – $54

Donate a chumash in honor or memory of a person/ occasion – $72

Donate a Machzor for Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur in honor or memory of a person/ occasion – $54