About Jessi Greenfeder

My name is Jessi, I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia in a beautiful, close-knit Jewish community. I grew up in a loving family of traditional Jews valuing the culture, traditions, and sense of belonging of Judaism. I am 28 years old and moved to Florida a year and a half ago. 
My identity as a Jewish woman has always been a big part of my life and an inspiration for being super involved in different communities around the world.
Creating several Jewish Women Circles, my focus is and was always to encourage a more profound understanding of the role of the woman in our religion, and the beauty that it entails.
My education has come from a variety of places, earning my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at FIU, and continuing my passion for understanding human emotions in Madrid, Spain, where I pursued a Master ́s degree in Emotional Intelligence with a focus on Stress and Anxiety.
In my experience as an Emotional Coach, working and developing programs for a variety of populations (teenagers, senior citizens, and young professionals), my mission became to create safe spaces where creativity, vulnerability, and inner growth are celebrated.
I look forward to incorporating these skill sets and my deep connection to Judaism, to continue to build our local, beautiful DJCC community that I feel truly blessed to call my Fort Lauderdale family.