DJP Registration Packet

Please follow the steps below to complete the registration for your child
All documents that need to be signed and returned can either be mailed to 1012 E Broward Blvd or
e-mailed to 

  1. Fill out the registration forms and submit your registration fees: pdf form or online form 
  2. Submit the necessary documents on registration checklist page 3 (here)
  3. Read the Handbook 
  4. Sign and return the Authorization form 
  5. Sign and return the Medical & Transport form 
  6. Sign and return the Grandparent form 
  7. Sign and return the Parent questionnaire 
  8. Sign and return the Swim Central form 
  9. Read the Flu brochure  initial and return 
  10. Read and initial the Know your child care  facility form 
  11. Submit your lunch form here Lunch Club Form