Our DJCC  Calendar 5785
In the Spotlight
Show your support & Everyone gains.
Network and advertise with local business partners.
We print and distribute over 5000 calendars in the local community.

Modern compact size! HARD COPY and DIGITAL
Throw it in your bag for easy accessibility at all times, or hang it on any wall for convenient viewing!
All secular and Jewish dates are included.
Holidays and candle lighting times.
Advertisements and promotions from local vendors and businesses.
Personal Birthdays, Yahrzeits, Anniversaries, and Commemorative dates on the dates of your choice.

Advertising Options:
All ads and business cards are in full color.

Calendar Sponsorship:
$10,000 2 full page ads including inside cover + back cover + ad on each page.
Reserved for Marc Anidjar & family, Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine PA

Corporate Sponsorship: 
$3,600 Full page ad plus 1 business card on each page.

Business and Personal Sponsorships
For a visual aid of the ad placement, sizes and PDF order form CLICK HERE 
Or call the office for a hard copy to be sent to you.

  1. Full page ad 
    Full color full page ad in the center of the calendar.
    Advertise your business or use the page to share your love or well wishes to anyone or the community at large
    Size 8.25″  x 10.875″
    Price: $1800
  2. Large ad #1
    Placed in the top page of the month of your choice
    Size 10.875″ x  2″
    Price: $770
  3. Medium ad #2 
    This ad is a little larger than business card giving you more exposure and marketing effect.
    Size 5.4″ x  2″
    Price: $540
  4. Business card #3
    Placed in the top page of the month of your choice
    Placed directly in the month of your choice (limited space available)
    Size  3.875″ x  2″
    Price:  $180
  5. Small month ad #4
    Placed in the available empty small month boxes of the month of your choice
    Size 1.5″ x 1.375″
    Price: $100
  6. Commemorative Dates: #5
    Birthdays, Yahrzeits, Anniversary 

    On the date of the celebration.
    Text such as: “Happy Birthday Mr. Cohen”  / “Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Cohen”
    Price: $36

Happy New Year Wishes in increments of $180, $250 or $360
Place a New Year’s ad with wording of your choice or be included in the community New Year’s page for $36.

Please fill out the form below or call the office for special packages