Tisha B’av 5780

Tish’a B’Av schedule 
Wednesday 7/29/20
Fast begins 8:09PM 
8:30PM Maariv- Evening service and Lamentations at DJCC
and Zoom ID 921-266-2465 Password DJCC
Thursday 7/30/20
Morning Minyan – 8:10AM at DJCC – 
and Zoom ID 921-266-2465 Password DJCC
NO class with Mendel Kaplan at 8pm 
Mincha & Maariv 7:45pm at DJCC 
Fast ends 8:33PM

Tisha B’Av, the 9th day of the month of Av, is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, on which we fast, deprive ourselves and pray. It is the culmination of the Three Weeks, a period of time during which we mark the destruction of the both Holy Temples in Jerusalem, unleashing a period of suffering from which our nation has never fully recovered. It is also a time when we pray and beseech Hashem to fulfil his promise of redemption through our righteous Moshiach. When all nations will come together in peace and harmony and serve our One creator.May it be speedily in our days amen!
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