Sukkot 5779


Sukkot Eve Sunday, September 23 
Candle lighting time 6:58pm
Services 6:30pm at DJCC 
Dinner Under the Stars following services aprox 7:30pm  RSVP here

Sukkot Day 1 Monday, September 24
Morning Services 10:00am 
followed by Kidush in the Sukkah
Evening Services 7:00pm

Sukkot Day 2 Tuesday, September 25 
Morning Services 10:00am 
Followed by Kidush in the Sukkkah 
Sponsored by Thomas Galos
Holiday ends at 7:48pm 

1st Intermediate Day Wednesday, September 26
A Nature Sukkot party! 5-7 pm at DJEC 
FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY click here for details 
2nd Intermediate Day Thursday, September 27 
3rd Intermediate Day Friday, September 28
Candle Lighting 6:52pm 
Evening Services 6:30pm at DJCC 

4th Intermediate Day Shabbat, September 29 

Morning Services 10:00am 
Kidush following services in the Sukkah 

Hoshanah Rabbah Sunday, September 30
Candle Lighting 6:50pm
Evening Services 6:30pm at DJCC 
Hakafot dancing   
Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah Monday, October 1
Morning Services 10:00am 
Yizkor memorial service 11:30 (approximately) click here for Yizkor book info  
NO KIDUSH today 
Family Kids Dinner & Dancing with the Torah 6:00pm at DJCC 
Adult Party, Dinner, Lchaims & Dancing with the Torah  8:00pm  at DJCC 

Simchat Torah Tuesday, October 2 
Morning services 10:00 am
followed by kiddush and dancing with the Torah 
Holiday Ends 7:40pm