Rabbi Schneur Kaplan- Spiritual Leader and Guide
Devorah Kaplan – Director
Esther Hecht – Assistant Director


Chaya Karp

Hi. My name is Chaya Karp. I grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York and consider myself a free spirited girl with a friendly personality. In my free time I enjoy photography, music and fitness. I also love working with children, and with the help of some friends I started a soccer club for kids in Palo Alto, California. I grew up going to a small Jewish school which provided individual attention and devotion to each student. I graduated high school in Chicago, Illinois. Soon After graduating, I attended special education and religious classes at Beis Rivka Seminary in Brooklyn, New York. Then I headed for an internship at a Reggio inspired school in Silicon Valley of Palo Alto, California. I am passionate about teaching and enriching young minds. I also take great pride in each and every one of my students, and I’m looking forward to continuing to do so at Downtown Jewish Chabad Center.

Resa Feinstein

Hi! My name is Resa Feinstein, a 22 year old Chabad girl with a love of giving over knowledge to my students. I am one of 6 children born to Chabad parents in NY. For 3 years I have been involved in education as a preschool assistant and Hebrew school teacher. I did high school both in the US and Israel, a year of seminary in Israel and I am currently becoming a fire-medic at Miami Dade College. Last but not least I am excited for another year at Hebrew for Kids Hebrew School!





Rivka Salazar 

Hi, my name is Rivka Salazar, I grew up in Miami Beach surrounded by five siblings and two loving parents. When I was sixteen, while finishing my online high school courses, I started a part-time teacher’s assistant job in a small Hebrew daycare. I quickly became aware of the immediate connection I felt towards education and having the power to enrich children’s lives, and have been teaching ever since. Over the course of four years, I went on to further my teaching experiences by working several various positions in several different schools. My passion however, was always in teaching Hebrew subjects, which is why I connected with Hebrew school. Hebrew school gives one the opportunity not only to reach the lives of those you teach directly, but the lives of those they touch around them. This is my hope, that I will give to the children a love for their Jewish heritage and they in turn will share it with the world. Looking forward to a successful year!



Rifky Sacks


Hi, my name is Rifky Sacks. I am an educator, specializing in early childhood, and a classically trained pastry chef. My educational philosophy and approach have been influenced by Montessori, Reggio and from significant hands on experiences with children of all levels and backgrounds.  I have a broad skill set that has enabled me to hold such positions as Early Childhood Educator in a Progressive Yeshiva Day School, Montessori educator, Shul Youth Director, Hebrew school Teacher and NCSY City Director.  I endeavor to incorporate and synthesize multiple educational models to create an ideal learning environment for each child. In my role as Hebrew School Teacher, I strive to share my passion and love for Judaism with the next generation. My goal is to create a memorable experience for the children and to connect them to their roots in an exciting and hands-on way!



Spencer Greenfeder – Bar Mitzvah Club Leader 

I am excited to be the new Bar Mitzvah Club teacher, and am looking forward to the coming year with all the upcoming Bar-Mitzvahs! As many in the community know me, I recently moved back to Fort Lauderdale to work on my Engineering consulting business. I’m a mechanical engineer by training and have a passion for Judaic studies, Israel advocacy and anything outdoors. I grew up in a reform household but my family has always been very involved in the Jewish community through their synagogue and charity. I became much more involved in practical Judaism while at the University of Florida, through Chabad and Rabbi Berl Goldman. I was very active in the Jewish organizations on campus, and was president of the Chabad Student Group and lead events such as our first Shabbat 1800. I stay involved by leading Birthright trips, volunteering in the local community, and now leading this great group of soon to be Bar Mitzvahs! I look forward to an awesome year with all of you!