Passover 5780

Passover schedule
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Tuesday, April 7th Night Before Passover
Clean your home from all chometz and leavened bread.
Put it away and close the cabinets.
Participate in the ritual of Bedikatz Chometz at 8:06pm;
hide ten pieces of bread around the house,
recite the blessing and search your home for the bread. Save it for the next day in a safe place
Wednesday, April 8 Eve of Passover
Stop eating Chometz at 11:12am
Traditionally communities come together to burn the leftover chometz and the ten pieces from the previous night. Burn chometz before 12:10pm
During quarantine you can do this at home in your backyard or flush it down the toilet .
Recite this prayer that absolves you from all chometz
Wednesday Evening April 8 First night of Passover Seder 1
Light candles at 7:23pm
Enjoy Passover Seder with your family
Thursday, April 9 Second night of Passover Seder 2
Light candles after 8:16pm
Enjoy Seder 2 with your family
Friday, April 10 Passover day 3 & Shabbat
Light candles at 7:24pm
Enjoy Shabbat dinner with your family.
Shabbat, April 11 Passover day 4
Enjoy Shabbat day with your family
Shabbat ends at 8:17pm
Sunday, Monday & Tuesday April 12-14 The holiday continues with Chol Hamoed
These days are still holiday but we are allowed to cook and use electricity.
Each day is celebrated as Passover by eating matzah and festive meals. NO work is done.
Tuesday April 14th Last days of Passover
Light candle at 7:26pm
Enjoy Passover dinner
Wednesday, April 15th 7th day of Passover
Enjoy the day with family and festive meal
Light candles after 8:20pm
Thursday April 16th Last day of Passover
Yizkor is recited, you do not need a quorum of 10 men.
In the afternoon enjoy the Meal of Moshiach
Passover ends 8:20pm

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