DJP at home links

We have compiled a list of links and workbooks for each class.
Scroll to your child’s class  and enjoy the variety of things we have made for you! 

Order school photos HERE!
Conscious discipline FREE resources here! CLICK HERE
DJCC YOU tube page with lots of videos and Skill based activities for Researchers class

Researchers :
ABC Workbook 1
Sentence framing workbook 
At home activities for Passover Break
Baby lotion play dough
Ten Plague puppets
Passover Haggadah coloring pages
Skill based passover work
ALL Skill based activities can be found on our YouTube page 

Numbers worksheets 1
Number worksheets 2

Alphabet worksheet:

Is it Passover yet story click here 
Passover workbook click here

*Coloring pages and crafts: *
Do this with different things from the Seder plate:


Letters numbers shapes coloring book
At home activities for Passover Break
Is it Passover yet story click here
Passover activity pages
Playful Passover Activity kit
Hands on Craft HERE
Passover site of lots to do and play
Make your own passover cup  HERE
Block playing fun HERE 


Coloring book , later numbers shapes 

Is it Passover yet story click here
Passover Links :
Please let me know if you would like additional resources or activity ideas.
You or your children are welcome to call me anytime!!  Morah Rochel