DJP Updated Guidelines 2020


Protocol to return to school June 1-5th
  1. You must confirm your return to school by Tuesday, May 26th via email, text or phone call so we can accommodate apropriately.
  2. Mandatory ZOOM meeting with parents of all families returning to school for the week of June 1-5th / ZOOM ID date and time will be sent to those returning.
  3. You MUST read the Updated Standards and Precautions to return to school HERE, They have been updated since the last e-mail & zoom
  4. You MUST sign and return the waiver before Sunday, May 31st click HERE
  5. We recommend you read the addendums HERE

DJP Updated standards and precautions for return to school 

Waiver – print sign return to school 

School Update May 18-June 5

Tuition Update May 2020:

Reopening of school update 


  1. Re-Entry guidelines 6/25/20
  2. DCF guidance for childcare to open
  3. CDC Guidance for childcare to remain open
  4. When and how to wash your hands
  5. Wash hands poster
  6. Updated hand washing schedule at DJP
  7. Cleaning and disinfecting your facility
  8. Updated cleaning/sanitizing  schedule at DJP 
  9. Sanitizing and cleaning guidelines
  10. coughing and sneezing etiquette
  11. Use of cloth face coverings to help slow the spread
  12. How to protect yourself and others 
  13. Interim recommendation for US community facilities with suspected or confirmed coronavirus disease