DJP After Care 5781

After care at this time is only available for the Kinder Care class
We will notify you when it opens for other classes.
To sign up for after care;
Print this form, sign it and send it back to our office.


After Care is from 3:00pm-5:00pm Monday- Thursday. 
There will not be after care on Fridays at this time.
The purpose of After Care is to have staff keep your children occupied during this timeframe. There will be access to centers and additional toys during this time. However, you are responsible to send additional snacks for After Care. 

Cost for After Care is $15 an hour. 
There are no incremental payments. Once you roll into the second hour, you are charged for the full hour. 
Your credit card on file will be charged automatically at the end of each week. By agreeing to these terms, your card will be automatically charged.

By signing up for After Care you agree to the following:

  • After Care group is mixed ages of children from different class pods in a single pod.
  • There will not be separation between the pods during After Care.
  • If there is a positive COVID-19 case in the After-Care group, same policies from the class pods will apply.
  • All COVID-19 policies and procedures apply to After Care.