Conscious Discipline Parenting Workshop

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Essential course topics include:

1) Brain State Model:  A framework for us to understand the internal brain-body states that are most likely to produce certain behaviors in children and in ourselves.  This awareness allows us to consciously manage our own thoughts and emotions so we can help children learn to the same.

2)Safety: Discover how to recognize and respond to adults and children operating from a “Survival State” by increasing a felt sense of safety, providing an emotionally-safe environment to help them access higher brain states

3)Connection: Learn how to model the skills of encouragement, choices and empathy to create a connected, compassionate culture where caring, kindness and contribution are the norm.

4)Problem-Solving: Apply the skills of positive intent and consequences in ways that encourage healthy safe-regulation. yielding the ability to control impulses, solve conflicts and regulate emotions.

Conscious Discipline Parenting Workshop

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