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Downtown Jewish Center Chabad needs your help, and today we have the power to Quadruple your gift!

Partner with us to ensure the continued growth of the DJCC!

At DJCC, children, adults, singles, couples, young and old feel at home. Our unique approach and unconditional acceptance of every Jew, regardless of affiliation or background, has created a dynamic and flourishing Jewish center. We are constantly expanding our programs and services to fill the demands and growing needs of all. We strive for Excellence and high quality in all we do! We proudly boast a Reggio inspired Downtown Jewish Preschool, Hebrew School, Bar & Bat Mitzvah Club, Mommy n Me, adult education, shabbat and holiday services, chaplaincy, social events, Business Networking, Young Professionals and more!

Partner with us to continue the efforts of our programs providing for children, youth and adults.

Your support will allow us to continue #givingwithlove


Every penny you donate is QUADRUPLED! For every dollar you give, DJCC will get $4. Every dollar will be matched by a group of our generous benefactors, to help us reach our goal of $460,000.

Remember: The campaign is ALL OR NOTHING – we must raise the full amount within 24 hours, or all donations will be returned.

Your support will allow us to ENSURE that DJCC continues to be the Heart of Jewish Life in the Heart of Downtown.

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