About Bar-Mitzvah Club

A  Bar Mitzvah is more than just an event – it is a process. It is the process through which a young boy crosses the threshold into manhood. A Bar Mitzvah is probably the most important milestone in a young Jewish boy’s life and the excitement of the standard preparations such as Torah reading lessons and party preparations are only part of the picture.

At DJCC Bar-Mitzvah Club we aim to take the Bar Mitzvah Prep process one step further. Through the Bar Mitzvah Club we strive to give our boys a good feeling about being a Jew – for their personal Bar Mitzvah celebration and beyond.

The program consists of a weekly interactive classes, trips and exciting Mitzvah Projects which cover key topics in Judaism. The program serves to foster Jewish pride through knowledge in these young boys as they prepare to take their place as tomorrow’s Jewish men.

Bar-Mitzvah Club takes place on Sunday mornings 10:00am – 12:30 noon and runs on the same schedule as Hebrew for Kids.
Starting September 2018 | See Calendar above 

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