Shabbat Dinner with Author Liesel Appel



Wine & Dine Shabbat Dinner
Join us for an exclusive Shabbat Dinner in the Heart of Downtown, replete with a four course traditional, gourmet Shabbat Dinner, melodious singing, inspirational words and the great warmth and camaraderie of the DJCC Family!
With Guest Speaker: Liesel Appel,
Author of the book “The Neighbor’s Son”.

Friday, November 17, 2017
Services at DJCC 900 E Broward Blvd @ 5:30PM
Dinner following Services at
Steen Family Education and Event Center
DJEC, 1012 E Broward Blvd @ 6:30PM

Lieseal-AppelAbout Liesel Appel:
Seventy years have gone by and the Holocaust is still a bitter memory for survivors, their children and people like Liesel Appel, a perpetrator’s daughter, who was conceived in 1941 as a gift to Adolf Hitler. Her life has been extremely eventful.
Born in Klingenberg, she graduated from Teachers Training College, Limburg, at 17 to become a nursery school teacher. Then she fled her past and left her native Germany. Her quest for new identity took her to three continents and since 1980 Liesel has lived in the United States. During her unique journey through life she overcame many obstacles; she involved herself with rebel forces in post-colonial Africa and made a stand against bigotry in Palm Beach, Florida. Rabbi Freehling of Los Angeles said of Liesel: “She gives us reason to believe that we can overcome anything in our path.”


074142777XNine-year old Liesel Steffen’s charming world is shattered one sunny Spring afternoon in her front yard in Bottrop
Eigen, Germany, 1951, when a handsome Neighbor returns ‘home.’ Proud Liesel parades the man inside to celebrate her idol—her late father— certainly the hero who saved the Neighbor’s infant son during Kristallnacht, also known as ‘The Night of Broken Glass.’ Liesel is whisked away to her room while her mother ejects the Jew from their home. When the young girl discovers that her father was a German Nationalist, one of Hitler’s Loyal Lieutenants… she questions: Who are we?
Liesel questions her identity across three continents. More important, this gripping story chronicles Liesel’s search for self, truth, family, guilt, forgiveness, and justice and delivers a different look at this dark time in our history and twists and turns you could never imagine!