Hebrew High Teen Club

The Power of Youth:
Transforming the teen years into a time of purpose and self-discovery.

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DJCC is proud to present the next big step at Hebrew for Kidsnovember - teens 2
Welcome to Hebrew High!

Hebrew High harnesses the incredible potential of teenagers with awesome programs that bring teens together to give back to their communities and the environment.
Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where teens can learn about themselves through giving to others, identify with individuals who share the same faith, and be part of a group that focuses on building core values and stresses positive character development.

 Who’s Invited?  
Post Bar & Bat Mitzvah Teens,
Boys and Girls
Ages 13-17 years old
Everyone is welcome regardless of background or affiliation.

A year of adventure, community service and connection to their Judaism.
Each meeting will include a combination of ALL 4 of the following:
Sundays 10-12 (regular Hebrew School hours and hebrew school Calendar)
Some trips may last longer- you will be notified in advance.

$100 registration for all participants / Full time or part time
$900 Tuition* for full time | $450 for part time
$180 Security guard
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 Upcoming Events
Teen group joins Friendship Circle Miami
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1. Sunday February 12 Leaving DJEC at 9:30am returning at 12:30 
2. Sunday February 26 Leaving DJEC at 1:00 RETURNING AT 3:30 
BOWLING FLYER FINAL! sunday the 12th feb